The territory of the Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros is located on of the transmontane plain, with dominant altitudes between 400 and 800 m, having the Mountain range of Nogueira on the north way (1320 m), on the center the one from Ala (844 m) and Cubo (777m), on the south side the mountain range of Bornes (1199m) and, to the east, the mountain range of Morais (750m), the region of transition from the Cold Land to the Warm Land of the superior Douro, where there are winters and summers with inter-medium characteristics.

In its majority, the county does not present a mountain character and wild climate of the Cold Land, but it does not reach the high temperatures of the Warm Land either. This region has prolonged winters and short and warm summers, with the occurrence of frosts between October and May (Mendes, 2005).

the medium annual precipitation varies between 700mm and 1000mm, irregularly distributed throughout the year.

The climate conditions and the fertility of the soil make the county a good producer of excellent wines, cereals, cows, sheep and goat meat, olive oil and chestnut.

Nine months of winter and three of hell. That is the slang used by the population to describe the Transmontane climate, however the county of Macedo de Cavaleiros is marked by ecosystems of Mediterranean and Atlantic nature, because it is located on the transition zone between the Warm and the Cold Land, and suffering marginal influences from both. It is this way that Carlos Alberto Santos Mendes characterizes the climate of this region.  (2005:19)

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