The cultural identity is evidenced by the preservation of the traditions, of the richest of it’s gastronomy, of the regional products and the memories of the people. There are many associations of the county that assure ways of art, like dance, theater or/and music.

The cultural center is the pole of the Macedence Culture, offering a diverse programming – theater, music, dance and expositions – created to the population, and starred by local and regional artists and also in the national ambit. Events like the hunting and tourism fair and the business fair of São Pedro, the Entrudo Chocalheiro, the remembering of the traditions like the harvest and thresh wheat of Morais and the international Festival of Traditional Music are fantastic visit cards. 

The territory of the Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros also have an enviable dynamic when we talk about the Cultural Groups: AJAM – Juvenile Artists Association of Macedences; Potrica Association – cultural action group of the Transmontane north-west; Band 25 of March; Band of Latos de Bagueixe; Philharmonic Band of Brinço; Bombos of Ala; Caretos of Podence; Fanfare of Vale da Porca; Cantarolar Group; Coral Group Macedence; Cultural and re-creative group of Casa do Povo Of Macedo de Cavaleiros; Group of Cantares of Casa do Professor; Group of Traditional Songs of Arcas; Theater Group of Morais; Mira Group of Bornes; Toca a Bombar Group; Pauliteiros of Salselas; Group of the Young MIC ( Marians of the Immaculate Conception).

To know: Cultural Center, Honey and Beekeeping Museum, Museum of Religious Art and Municipal Museum, the future Museum of Archeology, the Rural Museum of Salselas, the Careto's House, the Royal Filial of Chacim, the Museological Core of Olive Oil, Religious Museum of the Convent of Balsamão, Pelourinhos, Cultural Groups of the County, like the Art Lab of the AJAM, and the theater space of Morais.

Useful Links

Associação Banda 25 de Março

Associação Filarmónica Recreativa e Cultural do Brinço

AJAM- Associação Juvenil dos Artistas Macedenses

Associação Potrica

Bombos de Ala

Caretos de Podence

Grupo Cultural e Recreativo da Casa do Povo de Macedo de Cavaleiros

Grupo de Jovens MIC (Marianos da Imaculada Conceição)

Pauliteiros de Salselas

Rota dos Museus


Vídeos úteis

Banda de Latos de Bagueixe

Carnaval Noturno

Cegada e Malha de Morais

Entrudo Chocalheiro

Fanfarra de Vale da Porca

Feira da Caça e Feira de Turismo

Feira de São Pedro

Festival Internacional de Música Tradicional

Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros

Grupo Cantarolar

Grupo Coral Macedense

Grupo de Teatro de Morais

Grupo Toca a Bombar

Grupo de Cantares da Casa do Professor; Grupo de Cantares Tradicionais das Arcas; Grupo Mira Bornes

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