Fauna and Flora

The limits and the natural environment: Fauna and Flora

A never ending of thick, fragile land,
Wild, who so much stands up in a
impetus to rise to the sky as it sinks
in an abyss of anguish, it is not known
because of what telluric contradiction.

MIGUEL TORGA (Portugal, 1950)


In the vast extension of the 699.2 Km2 of a territory that covers the entire Municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros, the Terras de Cavaleiros Geopark is part of the Natura 2000 Network Sector Plan, an ecological network whose objective is to contribute to ensuring biodiversity through conservation of natural habitats of the wild fauna and flora on the territory of the European Union, the GPTC territories include the places: Montesinho/Nogueira (PTCON0002), Rivers Sabor and Maçãs (PTCON0021), Morais (PTCON0023), and Romeu (PTCON0043).

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