Macedo de Cavaleiros conquers for the unique palates and scents of it’s kitchen. Here you will find a rich and varied gastronomy, an example of the true essence of the Transmontane soul.

Gather the family and leave for a trip to the interior of the land with a thousand and one tastes of the regional products of the Land of the Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros, and toast to unforgettable moments, with wines and olive oil properly recognized.

Highlight for the Gastronomic Festival of the Greens that during the days of Carnival takes place in the restaurants of the Territory.

The art of making and curing smokes, cooking and preserving products are ancestral techniques that last in our territory.

To taste: Hunting Dishes, Veal chop and smokes with greens, baked young goat and cod, dried beans with “butelo”, olive oil, wines, sweet rice, chestnut pudding, donuts and honey.

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