How to get there

The Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros has an excellent road network both for connection and within the territory. The territory of the Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros coincides with the limits of the populated area of Macedo de Cavaleiros, with an area of 699.2 km2 of surface, distributed in 30 parishes. Macedo de Cavaleiros is by road 44 km away from Bragança, 181 km from Porto and 505 km from Lisbon. At the Iberian level, the distance to the nearest and important Spanish cities is 149 km to Zamora, 221 km to Salamanca, 248 km to Valladolid, 294 km to Vigo and 401 km to Madrid.

The Transmontane Motorway (A4) and the Main Itinerary nº2 (IP2), are the main routes of connection to the territory.

By Bus

Macedo de Cavaleiros is served by several daily bus routes (Rede Expressos and Rodo Norte / Santos), with multiple schedules, allowing a great ease to go to the Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros.

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Rede Expressos


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