What to do?

River beaches

  • Fraga da Pegada Beach (successively awarded the Blue Flag and recognized as Affordable Beach)

  • Ribeira Beach (recognized as one of the "7 Wonders - Beaches of Portugal")


  1. Bars / Restaurants

  2. Pools

  3. Pavilion of Support to the Nautical Sports

  4. Picnic area

  5. Pier

Hiking and cycle tourism

On foot or by bike, discover a passionate and inspiring territory. Take advantage of the 180 km of well-marked footpaths, which will take you to an immense natural, historical and cultural heritage, and will also allow you to contact with the well-received art of the people who inhabit this territory.

Sports activities

  • Hang gliding and paragliding

  • Hunting and fishing

  • Cycling and mountain biking

  • Horse riding (Grijó Equestrian Center)

  • Motocross (Lamas Practice Track)

  • Orientation and climbing

  • Hiking and mountaineering

  • Rowing, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing

  • EcoparK Azibo

Courses and Workshops

  • Course of Identification and Conservation of Wild Mushrooms;

  • Identification Course of Wild Orchids;

  • Bird watching.

Living Sciences

  • Summer Geology

  • Summer Biology

  • Summer Astronomy

Festivals, Shows and Exhibitions

  • Carnival (February);
  • Rural Arcas (February);
  • Tunas Festival (May);
  • Macedo Shows (biennial in May);
  • Spring Days (May);
  • St. Peter's Fair (June);
  • Fair of the Hunt and Turimos (last weekend of January);
  • Antiques and Jewelry Fair (August)
  • International Festival of Traditional Music (August)
  • Fair of Olive Oil and Hunting (biennial in October);)
  • Onion Fair (Chacim);
  • Fair of Olive Oil and Fig (Loin, October);
  • Folar Fair (weekend before Easter);
  • Chestnut Fair (November);
  • FestaTransmontana do Emigrante (August);
  • Feast of Harvest and Knitting in Morais (July);
  • Christmas parties and their bonfires;
  • New Year parties.


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